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    57. Larvikite
    Grounding Stone that Protects and Dispels Negative Energy.

    • Healing: evokes inner strength, stimulates creativity, wisdom, & security in one's intellect, protects & grounds, reconnects us to Earth’s power & nature’s spirit 
    • Color: Blue Pearl Granite
    • Chakra: Root and 3rd Eye
    • Zodiac: Aquarius
    • Affirmation: I am connected to nature & allow myself to absorb the energies & wisdom of the Earth.

    58. Chrysocolla
    Tranquility ~ Peace ~ Intuition

    • Healing: ability to bring harmony, increase wisdom, & guides you toward discretion, promotes level headedness, decreases nervousness & irritability, fosters patience & unconditional love
    • Color: Turquoise
    • Chakra: Throat & Heart
    • Zodiac: Aries
    • Affirmation: When expressing myself I lead from my heart

    59. Celestite
    Spirituality ~ Belonging ~ Prosperity ~ Harmony

    • Healing: brings calmness, a sense of peace & serenity, known for its connection to the angel realms, focus point of meditation, prayer, or mindfulness
    • Color: Blue
    • Chakra: 3rd Eye, Crown
    • Zodiac: Gemini, Libra 
    • Affirmation: I am a loving being in the fullness of serenity & truth, always in communion with my higher self, angels & spirit guides.

    60. Blue Calcite
    Calming ~ Communication ~ Emotional Release

    • Healing: stone of emotional intelligence, opens higher consciousness & psychic abilities, calms mind, teaches discernment, stimulates insights & boosts memory
    • Color: Blue
    • Chakra: Throat & 3rd Eye
    • Zodiac: Cancer & Pisces
    • Affirmation: My intuitive awareness is always increasing, my emotions are calm & serene, I express my inner visions with truth & clarity

    61.  Orange Selenite
    Security ~ Flexibility ~ Success ~ Peace

    • Healing: removes electromagnetic stress in & around your home, boosts self-confidence, passion, sexuality & creativity, promotes a sense of wellbeing, harmony & enthusiasm for life
    • Color: Orange
    • Chakra: Sacral 
    • Zodiac: Taurus
    • Affirmation: I am connected to the Sun & Moon energies.

    62.Himalayan Rock Salt
    Cleanse ~ Purify ~ Release

    • Healing: gentle but strong grounding & centering energies, brings abundance & prosperity to home, improves breathing & sleep, boosts mood, decreases stress
    • Color: Pale Peach to Deep Orange
    • Chakra: All
    • Zodiac: Aquarius, Cancer, Leo, Scorpio
    • Affirmation: I release that which is not serving me & I cleanse my energy field by removing energetic debris that is dulling my light. 

    63. Desert Rose
    Cleanse ~ Purify ~ Calm ~ Protection

    • Healing: enhances psychic abilities, dreams & past life recall, raises vibration, helpful for strength in meditations & affirmations, boosts self-confidence
    • Color: Sandy Tan & White
    • Chakra: Root, Crown
    • Zodiac: Capricorn, Scorpio & Taurus
    • Affirmation: I am comfortable in all social situations. 

    64. Yellow Jade
    Abundance ~ Authenticity ~ Stability ~ Success

    • Healing: cleanses energy, instills optimism, enthusiasm, wisdom, & intellect, brings energies of self-confidence, courage, & abundance, imparts wisdom in silence & tranquility, dispels harm & negativity
    • Color: Yellow, Yellowy Green
    • Chakra: Solar Plexus
    • Zodiac: Virgo
    • Affirmation: I feel motivated to pursue my purpose. I stand in my personal power & I am capable & ambitious.

    65. Sardonyx 
    Self-confidence ~ Good Fortune ~ Protection

    • Healing: inspires courage, happiness, & clear communication, brings lasting happiness to partnerships & marriage, stone of protection & strength, attracts friends & good fortune
    • Color: Clear & Banded with Orange, White, Black & Brown
    • Chakra: Root, Sacral
    • Zodiac: Leo, Aquarius, Aries
    • Affirmation: I am brave & learn by trial and error.

    66. Caribbean Calcite

    Peace of Mind ~ Self-discovery ~ Adaptability ~ Empathy


    • Healing: a stone of spiritual awakening, transformation, & emotional understanding, improves rest & relaxation, stone for clairvoyance, calms anxiety
    • Color: Blue, Turquoise, Sandy Brown bands
    • Chakra: Throat & 3rd Eye
    • Zodiac: Taurus, Libra
    • Affirmation: I release my negative energy & thoughts of the past & embrace positivity & inner peace. 

    67. Mica
    Protection ~ Insulation ~ Shielding

    • Healing: balancing & self-healing stone, increases willpower, reduces nervous energy, offers clarity in mysticism, assists self-reflection, releases blockages
    • Color: Shiny Silver & Gold, can also be Purple
    • Chakra: Heart, Crown
    • Zodiac: Aquarius, Virgo
    • Affirmation: I am physically & etherically shielded from negativity

    68. Phoenix Stone
    ‘Phoenix Rising’ ~ Transformation ~ Renewal ~ Acceptance

    • Healing: made of chrysocolla, malachite & turquoise, dispels fears, increases self-confidence, balance & emotional strength, assists with spiritual evolution
    • Color: Bluish-Green, some have Red patches, others have Brown streaking
    • Chakra: Heart, Throat & 3rd Eye
    • Zodiac: Aquarius
    • Affirmation: I am enough.

    69. Cherry Blossom Agate
    ‘Blossoming Potential’ ~ New Beginnings ~ Transformation

    • Healing: imbued with Divine Feminine Energy that nurtures souls, opens us to inspiration, establishes inner peace, & fosters empathy, entrepreneur stone
    • Color: Clear with Pink, Cream or Earth tone flume-like inclusions
    • Chakra: Root & Heart
    • Zodiac: Taurus, Scorpio, Gemini, All
    • Affirmation: I am fully open to giving & receiving love. 

    Abundance ~ Wisdom ~ Peace

    • Healing:  Protective stone that keeps wearer from harm, brings harmony, increases love & nurturing, helps with prosperity, well-being, promotes wisdom, balance, happiness & peace
    • Color: Green, Blue, Lavender, Red, White, Orange, Brown
    • Chakra: Heart 
    • Zodiac: Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Libra
    • Affirmation: I am supported by the abundance & vitality of the Earth. 

    71. Amber
    Protection ~ Soothing ~ Nurturing ~ Purification

    • Healing: Powerful healer and cleanser of the body, mind, spirit and the environment, draws disease from the body, heals and renews the nervous system and balances the right and left parts of the brain, absorbs pain and negative energy to help alleviate stress, natural painkiller
    • Color: Gold, Red
    • Chakra: Root, Solar Plexus
    • Zodiac: Leo & All
    • Affirmation: I ground my energy to uplift and motivate myself to reach my goals through creativity

    72.Herkimer Diamond

    Attunement Stone

    Divine Guidance ~ High Vibration ~ Chakra Clearing


    • Healing: Most powerful of all quartz crystals, has the ability to not only transmit energy, but to receive spiritual energy and amplify and focus it intently, stimulates psychic gifts, brings in pure light, used to clear Chakras
    • Color: Clear, Gold, Black, Smoky
    • Chakra: Crown
    • Zodiac: All
    • Affirmation: I align and vibrate with the purest Light

    73. Moldavite
    Born of the Stars
    Spiritual Elevation ~ Clarity ~ Empowerment

    • Healing: Intense stone of transformation, enhances inner journeys, channeling, dreamwork, cosmic consciousness, and awareness of inter-dimensional energies, increasing our sensitivity to guidance, intuition and telepathy
    • Color: Green
    • Chakra: Heart, Crown, 3rd Eye

    74. Libyan Desert Glass
    Universe Crystal
    Psychic Shield ~ Luck ~ Willpower

    • Healing: Strengthens your will by stopping other people from stealing your energy, guards against any negative psychic energy being deposited in the body, allows the wearer to heighten their mental powers, helps in exploring past life lessons
    • Color: Yellow-Gold
    • Chakra: Solar Plexus
    • Zodiac: Libra
    • Affirmation: I appreciate life’s joyous moments because they feel like rays of bliss

    75. Watermelon Tourmaline
    The Miracle Stone
    Patience ~ Love ~ Security

    • Healing: Soothes the heart and counters anger or resentment, aids in releasing stress, especially when used in meditation, thought to calm the mind and soothe emotions, attracts love, supports goal attainment
    • Color: Variations of Pink and Green
    • Chakra: Heart
    • Zodiac: Gemini and Virgo
    Affirmation: My heart is open to giving and receiving love. I transform the world around me by focusing on divine love

    76. Orgonite
    Vital Energy Device
    Protection ~ Cleansing ~ Filter

    • Healing: Mix of gemstones and resin, resulting in a highly efficient energy transmutation and intention tool that stores universal energy, negative energy is transmuted into positive allowing for spiritual healing, also protects against EMFs and purifies air
    • Color: Mixed. Depends on the crystals used and the color of the resin
    • Chakra: All
    • Zodiac: All
    • Affirmation: Can use any affirmation that corresponds to the crystals used

    77. Super 7 (Melodys Stone)
    Stone of Enlightenment
    Psychic Abilities ~ Personal Ascension ~ Growth

    • Healing: Awakens metaphysical talents such as clairvoyance, channeling, communicating with spirit guides
    • Color: Mixed, made of Amethyst, Clear Quartz, Smoky Quartz, Cacoxenite, Rutilated Quartz, Goethite and Lepidocrocite
    • Chakra: All, 3rd Eye
    • Zodiac: Aries
    • Affirmation: I embrace my spirituality

    78. Bumble Bee Jasper
    Stone of Clear Focus
    Encouragement ~ Positivity ~ Direction

    • Healing: Helps to maintain a positive & upbeat attitude, encourages your spiritual evolution,  pushes you to finding your life’s purposes 
    • Color: Mixed between Yellow, Orange, Black and White
    • Chakra: Solar Plexus, Sacral
    • Zodiac: Taurus & Leo
    • Affirmation: I am filled with joy and I celebrate each moment with a fully open heart

    79. Ocean Jasper
    Law of Attraction Stone
    Peace of Mind ~ Purification

    • Healing: Helps one heal and find resolution with their emotions, relationships, and themselves
    • Color: Green, Brown, White, Yellow, Pink, Blue or Red
    • Chakra: Throat, Heart, Solar Plexus
    • Zodiac: Capricorn
    • Affirmation: I appreciate everything life has to offer

    80. Orange Calcite
    Stone of Creativity
    Sexuality ~ Higher Consciousness

    • Healing: Helps to unlock both creative & sexual energies, associated with the world of Greater Intelligence, integrates spiritual realm with physical body
    • Color: Orange, Yellow
    • Chakra: Solar Plexus, Sacral
    • Zodiac: Cancer, Leo
    • Affirmation: I embrace the fun times and trust in the relaxed flow of the day. When I relax, great ideas jump into my consciousness

    81. Crazy Lace Agate
    Laughter Stone 
    Satisfaction ~ Alignment ~ Strength

    • Healing: also known as ‘Happy Lace, a stone of transformation & alignment of the chakras, instills courage, joy & a sense of overall support
    • Color: Beige, Red, Black, Brown, Gray and White patterns
    • Chakras: All
    • Zodiac: Pisces, Aries, Libra
    • Affirmation: I’m happy with my life

    82. Prehnite
    Stone of Dreaming
    Release~Remember~Rescue Remedy

    • Healing: alleviates nightmares, phobias and deep fears, uncovering and healing the dis-ease that creates them. It is a stone for dreaming and remembering, helps you stay in the moment & see the good in all
    • Color: Green
    • Chakras: Heart
    • Zodiac: Libra & Virgo
    • Affirmation: I rest in the gentle wisdom of my heart

    83. Rutilated Quartz
    Self-Affirmation Stone
    Development ~ Strength ~ Well-being

    • Healing: helps with manifesting faster, receiving guidance, inspiration, and insight, also connects you to higher realms through meditation and dreams, amplifies intention
    • Color: White, Yellow, Brown
    • Chakras: All
    • Zodiac: Leo & Taurus
    • Affirmation: I am a beacon of Light

    84. Tourmalinated Quartz
    Crystal of Balance
    Grounding ~ Transmute Negativity ~ Balance

    • Healing: Psychic protection & grounding energy of black tourmaline is amplified by the quartz, helps detoxify energy, provides insight and luck
    • Color: Clear and Black - contains Black Tourmaline and Clear Quartz
    • Chakras: Root, 3rd Eye
    • Zodiac: Libra, Capricorn & Scorpio
    • Affirmation: I am supported and nurtured by the world around me

    85. Garden/Phantom Quartz (Lodolite)
    Shaman Dream Stone 
    Elevated Consciousness ~ Inner Peace ~ Manifestation

    • Healing: connects one to their past lives, helps increase visions in dream states, enhances psychic abilities, encourages energetic shifts
    • Color: Clear with Cream, Orange, Green, or Red inclusions
    • Chakras: Root & Crown
    • Zodiac: Pisces
    • Affirmation: My mind is clear and focused on my highest potential

    86. Unakite
    Steady Progress
    Alignment ~ Balance ~ Insight

    • Healing: creates emotional balance, stimulates compassion, encourages gratitude, establishes a connection with nature, instills determination, alignment of spiritual, mental and physical bodies, stress reliever
    • Color: Green with Pink, Orange or Red inclusions
    • Chakras: Heart, 3rd Eye & Root
    • Zodiac: Scorpio
    • Affirmation: I know that everything in my life comes to me and occurs at the perfect time

    87. Bismuth
    Stone of Change
    Transformation ~ Visualization ~ Energizing

    • Healing: helps one embark on spiritual journeys and transformation, raises one’s energy, connects one back to source, enhances calm & tranquility, unites groups to work towards a common goal
    • Color: Reflective Rainbow Coloration
    • Chakras: All 
    • Zodiac: Aquarius 
    • Affirmation: I welcome the energy of transformation and encourage healthy relationships

    88. Septarian
    Dragon Stone
    Health ~ Well-being

    • Healing: has the ability to focus the body’s own healing power, promotes bravery & courage, grounds & allows tolerance and patience, increases joy & happiness
    • Color: Black, Gray, Gold, Tan
    • Chakras: Root
    • Zodiac: Taurus, Sagittarius & All
    • Affirmation: I am transforming myself into a more positive being

    89. Aragonite
    The Conservationist’s Stone
    Centering ~ Acceptance ~ Stability

    • Healing: aids concentration, brings tolerance & flexibility to the mind, balances energy & chakras, enables past-life recall, grounding, symbol for universal love, enhances confidence & emotional healing
    • Color: White, Yellow, Brown, Redish
    • Chakras: Root & All
    • Zodiac: Capricorn
    • Affirmation: I am a master multitasker and I clearly see the best way forward 

    90. Apophyllite
    Connection Stone
    Intuition ~ Insight ~ Spirituality

    • Healing: encourages relaxation, releases suppressed emotions & attachments, creates a connection between physical & spiritual, attract abundance
    • Color: Clear, Green, Peach, Yellow
    • Chakras: 3rd Eye & Crown
    • Zodiac: Libra, Gemini & All
    • Affirmation: I am connected and guided by Divine Light

    91. Mookaite
    Ancestral Healing
    Awareness ~ Healing ~ Intuition

    • Healing: resolves inherited patterns, heals ancestral trauma, balances inner & outer experiences, encourages versatility & openness to new experiences, helps you choose the right path
    • Color: Red, Yellow, Pink
    • Chakras: Root, Sacral, Solar Plexus
    • Zodiac: Leo, Scorpio & Virgo
    • Affirmation: As I heal myself, I heal my lineage

    92. Vanadinite
    Energy Booster
    Vitality ~ Productivity ~ Effective Communication

    • Healing: encourages creativity, playfulness and curiosity. Assists you to focus and maintain direction, puts spirit into action
    • Color: Orange, Red, Brown
    • Chakras: Root, Sacral, Solar Plexus
    • Zodiac: Virgo & Aries
    • Affirmation: I have the infinite potential to succeed

    93. Green Cherry Blossom Jasper/Sakura 
    The Passion Stone
    Light ~ Love ~ Manifesting dreams

    • Healing:  radiates energies of growth, blossoming, light, and love. It also aids in manifesting and nurturing your dreams, ignites a passion to pursue our dreams and live life to the fullest, while protecting us from fear and self-doubt
    • Color: Green, White, Brow, Pink
    • Chakras: Root, Heart
    • Zodiac: Aries, Sagittarius
    • Affirmation: I infuse my life with love and happiness

    94. Rhodonite
    The Stone of Love
    Heart Healing ~ Acceptance ~ Self & Love for others

    • Healing: heals the heart from any past traumas, promotes self acceptance, enhances self love and love for everything around oneself
    • Color:  Pink
    • Chakras: Heart
    • Zodiac: Cancer, Taurus
    • Affirmation: I embrace self love, I allow the flow of love into one’s life, selfless and unconditionally

    95. Rhodochrosite
    The Stone of Royalty
    Strength ~ Leadership ~ Passionate Love

    • Healing: empowers the heart, strengthens the root chakra, brings assertiveness, facilitates passionate love
    • Color: Red, Pink
    • Chakras: Root, Heart
    • Zodiac: Leo, Cancer, Aries
    • Affirmation: I dissolve fear by bringing the divine Sun’s light in my life, aura, feelings and emotions 

    96. Sphalerite
    The Energizer Stone
    Protection ~ Discernment ~ Grounding

    • Healing: grounding properties help to distinguish truth from fantasy, strongly connected to earths energies and helps balance mental or spiritual overstimulation, stimulates passion, confidence, and creativity
    • Color: nearly clear to totally Black, Purple, Green, Yellow, Orange, Red
    • Chakras:  three lower chakras, primarily the Root Chakra
    • Zodiac: Gemini, Scorpio
    • Affirmation: I am energetic
    97. Chrysoprase98.Peach moonstone

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